Your potential customer clicks TalkWithLead button on your website


A popup appears: Your potential customer gives his phone number


The system automatically connects your consultant with the potential customer


The consultant talks with your potential customer over a mobile phone, landline phone or SIP

Utilize the power of Facebook Lead Ads and TalkWithLead

Call back to people who click on your ads and turn them into happy customers!

Acquire sales calls directly from Facebook ads in real time

✓ Increase conversion from your social media ads.

✓ Contact people who fill out your Facebook Lead Ads form in 28 seconds.

✓ Boost direct sales from your Facebook ads.

Make use of the data collected on Facebook and Instagram not only to send newsletter

✓ Make sales calls immediately after the user clicks on your Facebook Lead Ad.

✓Stand out with amazing customer service and outpace the competition .

✓ Use new technologies to boost sales in your company.

How does the integration work?

✓ Create your ad in Facebook Lead Ads..

✓ Your potential customer clicks on the ad on Facebook or Instagram.

✓ Contact form is displayed. Your potential customer gives his phone number.

✓ TalkWithLead automatically connects the customer with your sales rep within seconds.

✓ All data are saved in TalkWithLead panel (including information about the ad from which the call was ordered).

Listen in on real live calls!